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A number of years ago I met an artist who described her creative life as her having actually lived "serial lives", each one being so different from the one that came before it that she could have never predicted where her creative evolution would have taken her.


I never really understood what she meant until I recently stood back to take stock of my own creative life and realized that this is exactly how I would now describe myself.


I worked for a number of years as a theatrical scenic artist, painting sets for opera and theater, and always thought that would be my career forever. But then theater led me to textile design. And for the next 15 years I was a hand painted textile artist, designing and creating hand dyed, painted and silkscreened fabrics. And most recently I have worked as a graphic designer, turned Creative Director - my current profession.  But through all of it, I have been a fine artist working in mixed media from painting to fused glass to encaustic to printmaking. 


I see my newest work in monoprint and mixed media as being a step along the path, influenced greatly by the repeating pattern work that I did for many years as a textile designer, and paving the way for the next of my serial lives.



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